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Your Body - The Science of Keeping It Healthy - Time Magazine Editors (hardcover)

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Join the editors of TIME for a fascinating and illuminating journey inside a world that we ought to know well, but are too close to see: the human body. Harnessing the most advanced visual technologies available to medical science-CAT scans and ultrasound, MRIs, EKGs and more-the book shows the workings of the body's systems in revelatory new ways.

Yet this splendidly illustrated volume is far more than eye candy: it offers views you can use. Your Body is a practical ''owner's manual'' that explores the latest laboratory research on good health and wellness. This user's guide to the body is brimming with hands-on information: which foods promote longevity and a healthy heart (and which don't); which diets are effective (and which are fads); which exercises are right for your gender, age and body type. It will help you understand the workings of your body as never before, so you can shop better, eat better, exercise better-and live longer. And it offers fascinating new insights into the ways our minds, our bodies and our spirits work together to keep us happy, healthy and energetic.

Caution: This book may not be for everybody - but it is for every person who cares about their body.

About the Author

The Editors of TIME Magazine.

Dr. Oz is an American/Turkish cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality.

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