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What Men Want (In Bed) - Bettina Arndt

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Across the world, the story is the same. Sex scandal. Media frenzy. Another prominent man caught with his pants down. So why do men take such risks for sex? Sex therapist Bettina Arndt's new book is all about why sex matters so much to men. Over 150 men kept diaries for her, talking about what it is like to live with that constant sparking sexual energy – relentless, uncontrollable, all-consuming. Their painfully honest, confronting, often hilarious stories explain their quest for sexual adventure, their secret delights, sexual kinks and quirks, the thrill of giving pleasure and why some men turn to pornography.

With every second man over fifty dealing with erection problems, here are the untold stories from the coalface of the Viagra revolution. Men explain what it is like to pop the little blue pills, or inject their best friend, or face impotence after prostate cancer treatments. Extraordinary his-and-hers diaries reveal how partners react to this bumpy journey showing what it is like for a man seeking a new lease of sexual life when his wife just wants him to hang up his spurs.

What Men Want (in bed) lifts the lid on men's longings, frustrations, their fears and their intense joy in making love.

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