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We Need to Talk. But First, Do You Like My Shoes?: Dress Codes for Dumping Your Man - Kristina Grish (Hardcover)

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Is your guy noncommittal about his commitment issues? Does his idea of going Dutch not involve a European holiday? Has he ever sent flowers to his ex...on your birthday? Then you, my friend, are destined to dump the twit---but not without styling the perfect outfit first. Nobody likes having the Talk. But this indispensable guide will help you choose the perfect look to further communicate exactly how you feel.

Unlike a black-tie wedding or Casual Friday, D-Day (Dump Day, that is) has never known a designated dress code-and therefore, left far too many women without an aesthetic clue as to how their clothes can drive the point home. This book will help you:

-Read his relationship issues like a care label
-Send him into self-loathing regret with a plunging neckline
-Cushion his fall with soft fabrics, if you're feeling generous
-Pair the right look with your cosmic star sign
-Come up with ideas for post-dump outings with friends in order to shake breakup blues.
Why waste a hot outfit on a teary night at home?

Let's face it: D-Day's no walk in the park, but knowing whether to wear comfy Mary Janes, pointy stilettos, or knee-high power boots will help you move on in style!

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