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Velazquez Every Painting - Nicola Spinosa

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This volume on the life and works of Diego Velázquez is an entry in the "Every Painting" series, the aim of which is to provide accessible, reliable, comprehensive accounts of the works of the individual great masters of painting. Each volume (or volumes, where the quantity of work to be reproduced cannot be contained in a single one) catalogues and illustrates chronologically the complete paintings of the artist concerned. The catalogues reflect as far as possible a consensus of current expert opinion about the status of each picture; in the nature of things, consensus has yet to be reached on many points, and no one professionally involved in the study of art-history would ever be so rash as to claim definitiveness. Within the bounds of human fallibility, however, every effort has been made to achieve both comprehensiveness and actual accuracy, while the quality of reproduction aimed at is the highest possible for a work of this kind, and includes, of course, colour. The introductions, written by acknowledged authorities, summarize the life and works of the artist, while the illustrations place in perspective the complete story of the development of each painter's genius through his career.

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