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Never Go Back by Lee Child:
Jack Reacher is heading to his old HQ to meet Major Susan Turner, the current Commanding Officer, and he's hoping to take her out for dinner. But when he arrives he finds that Major Turner has been imprisoned for taking a bribe. What's more, Reacher is formally recalled to military service, he's under investigation for a homicide and is being told he needs to pay child support!

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks:
Ira Levinson has run his car off the road in deep snow and is trapped -- he's hoping he will be discovered before it's too late. Luke Collins, a rodeo bull-rider, has suffered a serious injury but he must keep riding bulls so the bank doesn't foreclose on the family ranch. Sophia, a fine-arts student, falls for Luke but she can't see how it will be possible for them to share a future ...

A Cold and Lonely Place by Sara J. Henry:
When workers are harvesting ice blocks for the Ice Carnival in Saranac Lake, they make a gruesome discovery: a body lies encased in the frozen lake. Reporter Troy Chase recognises the dead man as he roommate's boyfriend, and is assigned to cover the story. As Tory delves into the dead man's life, she encounters a hidden past she never would have anticipated.

Archipelago by Monique Roffey:
After a tsunami has barrelled through Gavin Weald's home he and his six-year-old daughter, Ocean, are living in a house that has been rebuilt and repainted pink. But repairing the house hasn't stopped their lives from falling apart. In desperation, Gavin takes his daughter, and his dog, on the yacht he'd loved in his youth, hoping the sea will help them both to heal.


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