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The Simpsons One Step Beyond Forever! A Complete Guide to Our Favourite Family... Continued Yet Again (Hardback)

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Title: The Simpsons One Step Beyond Forever! A complete Guide to Our Favourite Family... Continued Yet Again

Created by: Matt Groening ; Edited by: Jesse L. McCann

The long-awaited fourth official episode guide - more cover-to-cover full-colour facts, figures and fun from the world's most popular TV series.

This is the follow-up to the best-selling episode guides The Simpsons: A Complete Guide to our Favourite Family, The Simpsons Forever and The Simpsons Beyond Forever.

With the Simpsons drawing massive audiences, on Sky and Channel Four, America's favourite yellow family continue to prove they have captured the hearts of adults and children alike. This guide is packed full of information on the superstars of the show, and everything you may have missed while glued to the most recent seasons' episodes.

Complete with plot synopses, quotes, new characters (including one Tony Blair!), and addenda to all the lists from the first three volumes, this new guide offers an exhaustively funny look at The Simpsons for the most detail-oriented fan, the casual viewer, and everyone in between.

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