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The Regulators - Richard Bachman (Hardcover)

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A publishing event of the first magnitude, the release of The Regulators is destined to create a firestorm of interest not only within the late Richard Bachman's cult audience but among fans of horror and supernatural suspense everywhere.

Wentworth, Ohio: just a small friendly town where the Carver children bicker over sweets and writer Johnny Marinville is about the only resident who minds his own business. And on Poplar Street it's just a normal summer's day with lawnmowers humming, Little League bats 'tinking', frisbees flying and barbecues being readied. But for young Cary Ripton on his paper round it won't be a normal day at all...

He notices something weird about the way Audrey Wyler is standing inside the glass door - and he's always thought there was something creepy about that nephew of hers, Poplar Street's best kept secret.

But Cary doesn't notice the chrome red van idling up the hill. Soon it will begin to roll, the killing will begin, and the regulators will arrive in force. And by the time night falls on the block, the surviving residents will find themselves in a wasteland of devastation and desperation...

A relentlessly exciting Stephen King-esque tour-de-force of terror, The Regulators manuscript was found among Bachman's effects by his widow in 1994.

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