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The Elephant in the Boardroom - Adrian Furnham

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This book is about potentially great business leaders: often people thought to have, and indeed having, great skill, charm and determination. It is about people often initially feted to be high flyers; talented or those with potential who get noticed and promoted. Nearly all derailed leaders have an impressive CV: a history of achievement and success. But something went wrong.

To rise to the top of any organization takes ability and effort: it often takes great determination and great skill. Leaders of organizations need to be courageous and bold; self-confident and socially skilled, and many other things beside. By contrast bad managers make poor decisions, can't motivate their people and fail to learn from past mistakes. They fail on the basics: finding, forming and motivating a team to fulfil worthwhile and appropriate goals which they articulate as clear targets and challenges.

The author explains how and why potentially good leaders get appointed but then fail and derail, and how to spot the signs.

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