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The Devil You Know/ The Thrill Of Victory - Sandra Brown

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2-in-1 reissue from Sandra Brown: 'The Devil You Know' and 'The Thrill Of Victory'. In a terrifying race to save nine children, Kerry Bishop prepared for the fight of her life. But she wasn't prepared for a passion almost as dangerous as the mission she had undertaken. At first, Linc O'Neil appeared to be exactly the kind of man Kerry needed: strong, ruthless and definitely too drunk to care about helping her steal a truck to get past the guards. Then she discovered her mistake. Linc was not a hardened mercenary; the heavy gear he carried was not guns but cameras. She had hijacked a Pulitzer Prize-winning photojournalist. Now he was their last hope. Dependent on a stranger, Kerry refused to let unexpected desire complicate their mission. Survival was all they could think about. But if they succeeded, what then? Could Kerry tell him the truth: that she was no more a woman sworn to chastity than she was immune to the powerful effect he had on her? That she desired him more and more? If freedom came, would they be free to love?

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