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The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook - Ross McDonald & Margaret Kirkwood (Hardcover)

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Between them, Ross McDonald and Margaret Kirkwood hand unique credentials to write what has become the Australian bible on barbecue kettle cooking.

Margaret Kirkwood was a gourmet cooking expert. For many years Margaret educated and entertained Australians through cooking schools, television, radio and newspaper articles. She was also internationally known, having taught throughout America, Canada, Japan, UK and Europe. Margaret acquired her first Weber barbecue prior to meeting Ross in 1977. 

Ross lit his first barbecue kettle in 1973 and quickly perfected Weber-style cooking the Australian way. In 1978 he was appointed the exclusive representative for Weber barbecue company in Australia. Over the years Australian barbecue kettle enthusiasts have shared many exceptional ideas and recipes with him. It is unlikely that anyone in Australian knows more about this style that Ross and Margaret. In this exceptional book Ross and Margaret share all of their knowledge with you.

The Complete Australian Barbecue Kettle Cookbook ... 'A unique combination of barbecue kettle know-how and gourmet cooking expertise'.

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