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The Buddha Book - Lillian Too (Hardcover)

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Buddhas, Blessings, Prayers and Rituals to Grant You Love, Wisdom and Healing.
Based on the Teachings of Iama Zopa Rinpoche.

This is a beautifully illustrated introduction to the most important and well-known Buddhist deities, and forms both a beautiful coffee table / gift book and informative text.

The book presents the deities' major characteristics, functions and histories in a clear, concise way and, along with prayers, meditations and visualisations, it covers special rituals and blessings associated with each Buddha.

In the Buddhist tradition, there are countless Buddhist deities - embodiments of enlightened wisdom - who also represent different aspects of the enlightened mind. Using a particular Buddha to meditate with or work with on a daily basis can act as a sacred map for the reader, leading us towards experiencing the healing, compassion and hope they can bring into our daily lives.

The Buddhas covered include the Historical Buddha, Shakyamuni; The Five Dhyani Buddhas; the Purification Buddha; the Healing Buddhas; and the Buddha of the Future. Also included are instructions on making tsa tsas, or miniature buddhas, mandala offering, prayer flags and creating altars.

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