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The Book of New Israeli Food - Janna Gur

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Israel is a haven for food lovers. A Western society nestled in the heart of the Eastern Mediterranean, surrounded by exciting regional cuisines, Israel is a land of immigrants who have brought a diversity of traditions from places as far-flung as Hungary and Morocco, Yemen and Poland, India and North America, Argentina and Algeria. Add fine agricultural produce, a thriving restaurant scene, and the natural curiosity and vitality of Israelis and you have an unbeatable recipe for vibrant enticing cuisine, one that is constantly evolving and redefining itself. The Book of New Israeli Food is much more than a cookbook; it is an attempt to capture the spirit and flavor of this unique culinary culture steeped in tradition and pulsating with innovation, rooted in the local terroir and spiced with the latest trends from New York and London. Simple rustic dishes and exciting creations of talented local chefs are highlighted by snapshots from streets, markets, village and city life, restaurants, cafes, and home kitchens. The result is a culinary and cultural journey.

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