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The Bad Mothers Revenge - Sonia Neale

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An original and hilarious take on motherhood from birth to the teenage years by desperate housewife and mother of three, Sonia Neale, who explains that children are irritating parasites who invade our homes and plunder our lives - and that somehow we still love and adore them more than life itself.

'Hello, you have reached the Bad Mothers Crisis Helpline. Your call is important to you. Your call may be monitored for Staff Entertainment purposes. Please choose an option from our options menu, or hold the line until one of our overpaid, single and childless staff members can be bothered to take your call.'

It's not easy being a mother. 'In Bad Mother's Revenge' Sonia Neale explains how most parenting books are really Weapons of Mass Deception, how the Dalai Lama would be a whole lot more impressive if he had to remain serene with three children in tow, and answers the eternal question, how many happy teenagers does it take to change a light bulb? (Answer: There's no such thing as a happy teenager.)

A witty, original and frequently poignant look at motherhood, that isn't afraid to look at the dark side, as well as the joys, of being a mum.

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