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Sparkles - Louise Bagshawe (Hardcover)

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From the U.K. mega-bestselling author Louise Bagshawe comes a delicious story of a diamond heiress in Paris Fabulously wealthy, internationally adored, the aristocratic Massot family owns one of the last great jewelry firms in Paris. But seven years have passed since the disappearance of the patriarch, Pierre Massot. With hope of his return all but extinguished, his beautiful young widow, Sophie, reluctantly declares her husband dead and takes control of the family business. But even as Sophie begins to look to the future, forces are conspiring to destroy the Massotsby unearthing the devastating secret from their past that Pierre may have died trying to protect.

Bagshawes sweeping story takes readers from the murky diamond mines of Soviet Russia to the cultural whirl of modern-day Paris, unraveling the mystery of Pierre Massots fate and the scandal and deceit that lies behind the Massot family fortune. Spanning continents and decades, Louise Bagshawes "Sparkles" is an addictive tale of ambition, betrayal, and romance

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