Watch Wait and Wonder (DVD only)


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Watch, Wait and Wonder is a training package based on observing a child’s play; the child initiates the play and the parent is encouraged to follow their lead. Parents are instructed to sit on the floor and to be watchful and responsive to whatever the child wants to do rather than to initiate, teach, instruct, correct or intervene in their child’s play.

This Program is an Early Childhood – Invest to Grow initiative, funded by the Australian Government under the Stronger Families and Communities Strategy.

The program has since been adapted in Australia by Dr Michael Zilibowitz, Developmental & Behavioural Paediatrician, making it more readily available as a universal parent education program.

“This training package is an excellent resource to support the development and implementation of the Watch, Wait and Wonder program within early childhood community based programs”.

June McLoughlin, Assistant Regional Director Early Childhood & Youth Services – Southern Metropolitan Region – Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Victoria

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