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Not Just Lucky - Jamila Rizvi

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Media star Jamila Rizvi’s exploration of the confidence deficit holding women back, the barriers to career success this can create, and how they might be overcome. Accessible and timely, this is essential reading for millennial women.

Australian women are suffering from a crisis of confidence about work, captives to a voice inside their heads that says they’re not good enough. Accustomed to being overlooked and undervalued, even when women do get to the top, they explain their success away as ‘luck’. But it’s not.

Not Just Lucky exposes the structural and cultural disadvantages that rob women of their confidence – often without them even realising it. It’s a practical toolkit that will help you negotiate a raise, deal with difficult bosses, overcome imposter syndrome, communicate more clearly, cope with failure, avoid burnout, call out sexism and finally put your hand up for that big promotion.

Drawing on case studies, detailed research and her own experience in politics and media, Jamila Rizvi is the warm, witty and wise girlfriend you’ve been waiting for. She’ll give you everything you need to start fighting for your own success and for a more inclusive, equal workplace for all. (She’ll also bring the red wine.)

This unashamedly feminist career manifesto is for women who worry they’ll look greedy if they ask for more money. It’s for women who feel small and scared. It’s for women who dream big but dread the tough conversations. It’s for women who get nervous, stressed and worried, and seem to overthink just about everything.It will help you realise that you’re not just lucky. You’re brilliant

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