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Nintendo DS - Imagine Journalist

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Product Description

Imagine: Journalist lets you work your way up from a local newspaper to your own national TV show. Keep your ears and eyes wide open to catch the latest scoops. Track the news, record interviews and take the best pictures. Write your best articles revealing the hottest gossip to your audience.

Make yourself a great career as a journalist
Start as a columnist for a local newspaper and end up as an international reporter, heading your own TV show
Get your own press pass
Have fun with the full range of journalists' accessories: notepad, handheld recorder, mic, camera
Catch your first scoops by bike and end up travelling in style by helicopter!
Discover the exciting parts of a magazine journalist's job
Go out in the field to interview the locals, but also stars, politicians and athletes
Attend press conferences and stand out amongst other journalists
Take the best pictures to illustrate your articles
Organise magazine covers
Report great news on TV
As a TV news presenter deliver the right information at the right time
Record celebrity interviews
Release radio programmes on air
Develop your investigative skills
Become the one who reveals the top news stories!
Challenge yourself to deliver exclusive scoops
Explore places for interview and picture opportunities
DSi feature
Play with your environment as a background for the photoshoot minigame

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