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Modern Mexican

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To Many Recipes to List but they all Look YUMMY!!!, Spicy Tomato Chicken & Artichoke Stew, Duck Leek & Rocket Pasta Rolls, Baked Cheese & Spinach & Spinach Tortellini -, w/Salami & Basil, Fettuccine & Roasted Vegetables Picnic Bake, Gnocchi w/Toasted Walnut Tomato Sauce & Wine Sauce, Garden Vegetable & Tomato Soup, Steamed Mussels w/Wine Tomato & Chilli, Tortillas w/Bananas & Caramel Sauce, Vegi Gorditas, Sopa de Tortilla, Mexican Hamburger in a Taco, Mexican Meatballs, Sweet Tortilla Fruit Baskets, Nachos w/Chicken & Olives, Mexican Omelette, Char-grilled Lamb Cutlets & Lime, Tuna & Mushroom Enchiladas, & MUCH MUCH MORE!!! ENJOY!!!

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