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Maw Broon's Cooking with Bairns: Recipes and Basics to Help Kids - Catherine Brown (Hardcover)

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Maw Broon's Cooking with Bairns is aimed at helping children master basic cookery techniques while learning to cook. The 46 recipes are clearly presented in simple steps, each of which is illustrated. Any basic techniques used in the recipes are shown separately in a special section with their own illustrations. Most recipes are laid out on two facing pages for clarity and each recipe has a "You will need" box and a "Before you start" box. The recipes used by Maw Broon and the Bairns are planned and written by Catherine Brown experienced food writer, cook, broadcaster, lecturer, and grandmother. She believes it is important to teach children the basic techniques of cookery and to build on these skills. The recipes are organized in six sections following on from a first section entitled "Basic Techniques" that is dedicated to the basic skills the children will acquire as they work through her recipes. For example, the "Plate of Broth Meal in a Plate" section will start with a recipe for Lentil and Bacon Broth and the basic skills of how to peel a carrot, how to slice an onion, and how to chop bacon required for this recipe can all be found with step-by-step illustrated instructions in the first section. It includes: Piece and Jam and other snacks; Plate of Broth soups and broths; Dinners meat, fish, veggies, salad main courses and puddings; High Teas main course with baking; Baking Session oven and girdle baking; and a bit of fun sweeties, drinks, sundaes and baking without heat. It features 46 recipes with step-by-step illustrated instructions; recipes and techniques that are clearly explained; notes on ingredients and extra material in a special feature called "CB's Tips"; recipes prepared by an experienced and leading food writer; and a strong emphasis on not giving up if you fail the first time.

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