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Indian Spirit - Michael Oren Fitzgerald, Judith Fitzgerlad

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"Indian Spirit is a very beautiful book combining excellent photos with fine and meaningful quotations from the most prominent Plains Indians in the last one hundred and fifty years. Recommended reading for anyone who is interested in American history. The editor, Michael Fitzgerald, has managed with great consideration and understanding to compose this invaluable book." - Ake Hultkrantz, author of "Religions of the American Indians" and "Native Religions of North America: The Power of Visions and Fertility". Through its striking combination of stirring oratory and majestic portraiture from the early Plains Indians, "Indian Spirit" reveals the very heart of the traditional American Indian life-way: a world where dignity of soul, nobility of sentiments, discipline of gesture and a sense of the Great Spirit in all things reigned supreme. This heroic vision of the American Indian, blends the courage of the warrior with the wisdom of the priest and stands as a timeless example for all peoples. Each page of this revised and enlarged edition is completely redesigned with many new motifs, quotations and photographs. The expanded pages mean that the photographs have an even more powerful impact than the best-selling original. It features a new foreword by Shoshone Sun Dance Chief, James Trosper.

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