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How to Draw Rockets & Spaceships - Charles Sargeant

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By the Studio Publications London & New York How to do it another Studio series.

Is space travel just around the corner? Have the 'Sputniks' brought it nearer? Are we further away from it than before? Whatever the answers, science and imagination must play an enormous part in new development. 

The best way to stimulate the imagination is through sketching and drawing - recording in visual form - the conceptions of shape, functions and equipment called forth by a study of scientfic needs and developments. 

This is what the author has tried to do, after a long study of the subject. Here he has recorded facts an invention; development and scene as it might prove to be, in the hope that it will stimuate the minds and guide the hands of young people to whom the hands of young people to whim space-travel is a thrilling adventure someone to be experienced. 

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