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Gas Smells Awful: The Mechanics of Being a Nutcase - Helen Razer

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In 1998, Helen Razer, self-appointed critical thinker and electronic media nuisance, was forced to reassess her life when she found herself temporarily blinded and suffering incapacitating dizzy spells, hypervigilance, headaches and a whole gamut of other nut-churning symptoms associated with being hurled about in the anxiety and depression spin cycle.

Gas Smells Awful is an insightful and vitally important resource for those caring for someone struggling with a depressive illness. And is compulsory reading for those who should care, but don't - because of fear, ignorance or a feeling of helplessness.

At a time when mental illness and suicide - especially among young people - have reached alarming levels and need urgently to find their way onto the national agenda, Gas Smells Awful speaks bravely, honestly and optimistically to anyone trying to find a way through the torment of depression

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