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Dr. Pompo's Nose - Saxton Freymann (Hardcover)

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Book with dust jacket.

Fans of Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers remember when they revolutionized the art of pumpkin carving in their landmark book Play with Your Food and its companion, Play with Your Pumpkins. The faces they created were so vivid and so theatrical that not only did readers clamor for more, but they wanted to hear the stories that these pumpkin characters had only hinted at. Now that wish is granted!Meet Dr. Pompo, the friendly pumpkin physician out on his morning rounds. But wait, what's that on the ground? Could that be someone's nose?

Dr. Pompo thinks so, but Uncle Wrinkle has another idea entirely. And so does little Nimkin and Mrs. Sniffen, too! We're sure you'll have guesses of your own before the mystery is solved!

From a hearty stock of sculptural talent and graphic ability, mixed in with the sense of humor and wit of kids, Saxton Freymann has created a pumpkin stew that will stay fresh all year round.

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