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Doggy Days Joe and Melanie Borgenicht

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Are you looking for a whole new bag of tricks to share with your favorite four-legged friend? Tired of tossing the same soggy tennis ball? With DOGGY DAYS in hand, you'¬?ll have your pooch belting out tunes like Madogga and painting in the manner of Doglo Picasso and Salvador Doggy. Ever wondered what'¬?s going on behind those big puppy-dog eyes? Try administering the Dog Aptitude Test and the Dog Personality Type Quiz; you'¬?ll have new insight into why your dog barks at midnight, maniacally chases squirrels and other small rodents, and can'¬?t get enough of doggy foie gras (liver treats). Dozens and dozens of activities, with helpful illustrations and simple directions, will help you pawpoint your pooch'¬?s talents, provide hours of fun, and even boost you above tennis balls and bones as your pal'¬?s most pant-astic companion. Grab a leash and follow along as doggy docents Rufus and Bella walk you through all the best doggy days. And, next time you need to get yourself out of the doghouse, why not try:‚Ä¢ Taking your dog on vacation to the world'¬?s largest fire hydrant.‚Ä¢ Making a down-home meal of Lynyrd'¬?s Inyrds.‚Ä¢ Sewing Super-Spot a spiffy Calvin Canine cape.‚Ä¢ Showing a double-feature of The Shaggy Dog and 101 Dalmatians.Don't let your destiny go to the dogs-DOGGY DAYS puts you on to the scent of the good life and leaves your pup drooling for more. Whether you'¬?re a poodle person or a die-hard lab owner, the proud owner of a prize-winning show dog or a faithful mutt, this inspiring resource will help you make every day a doggy day. DOGGY DAYS proves what man'¬?s best friend already knows: It's a dog's life after all, and it's a good one.