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All about The Money, Honey! Julianne Dowling

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Simone De Beauvoir nailed it when she said that women need to get their financial affairs sorted to be truly independent. So why is it that so many of us are still playing catch-up as we enter our middle years?

Money can wear women down because it governs so many choices -- where we live, what our retirement prospects are and whether we can afford to have children or perhaps even work. In All About the Money, Honey!, financial journalist Julianne Dowling combines the insights of financial professionals with the real-life experiences of Aussie women to create a wealth of recipes for financial success. Ingredients include:

  • modifying your money values -- budgeting, goal-setting, saving and spending
  • dealing with the deadly Ds -- death of a partner, divorce and debt
  • finessing the family finances -- child care, kids' education and caring for your folks
  • investing for the inevitable rainy day -- property, shares, managed funds and superannuation.

Overflowing with useful tips, inspiring stories and input from some of Australia's favourite female celebrities -- including Jean Kittson, Bianca Dye and Monica Trapaga -- this book will help you get to grips with your money and your mindset.

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