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Above And Beyond/ The Devil's Own - Sandra Brown

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Above And Beyond

Tall, brawny, magnificent--with a black eye patch and slight limp that only added to his overwhelming masculinity--Trevor Rule might be the one man who could make Kyla Stroud forget her husband's death in the embassy bombing.

Who would believe that Trevor had fallen in love with a woman he'd never seen--just by reading the salvaged letters of his best friend? He barely believed it himself. And now he had to convince Kyla that he loved her enough to marry her and be a father to her baby.

But even as Kyla was awakened to her love for Trevor, his true identity and the secret he harbored threatened to shatter that love.

The Devil's Own

Of the lot, this man was still her best bet. He not only looked the most inebriated, but the most disreputable – lean and hungry and totally without principle. Once he was sober, he would no doubt be easy to buy.

“Sister” Kerry Bishop got more than she bargained for when she entered the seedy bar seeking the services of a man, more particularly a mercenary. Linc O’Neal wasn’t the soldier of fortune Kerry mistook him for…but he proved to be just as dangerous and twice as unscrupulous.

Linc agrees to help Kerry rescue a group of children from a ruthless dictator, but his motivation is far from noble. If they survive what appears to be a suicide mission, he plans to take Kerry’s promised fifty thousand dollars—in addition to her body—which she provocatively advertised in order to trick him, then withheld.

With innocent lives at stake, malevolence and distrust all around, and forbidden desire simmering between them, the steamy atmosphere surrounding Kerry and Linc has little to do with the jungle they must penetrate. Struggling against all odds to stay alive, they discover that their real challenge is to fight the devil within.

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