My Dad's In Prison


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32 page full colour book for children aged from 4 to 9 years.  An excellent resource for library and classroom, for parents and friends, and for counsellors “What does my Dad do in prison?” “How long does my Dad have to stay in prison?”  These are just some of the questions asked by young children who have a parent in prison.

This unique Australian Children’s book, sensitively written and beautifully illustrated tells of the experiences of a young boy and his two siblings, whose Dad has gone to prison. It explains some of the basic things a Dad may do in prison such as eating, sleeping, working and playing.  The children visit their Dad in prison and learn of some of the security measures commonly used in Australian prisons that may be experienced during a visit.

This book helps young children understand what their parent does in prison.  It encourages discussion and questions and helps promote understanding and tolerance in all children.