Marion: Recipes and Stories From a Hungry Cook



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A hard cover book brimming with more than 80 recipes for the home cook and stories of family, travel and the love of food to inspire and entertain.

A favourite on MasterChef, Marion's food is an eclectic mix of styles due to her Thai mum, Australian dad and many, many travels. The book features quirky illustrations, handy hints, fantastic photographs and truly delightful stories that evoke memories, a desire to travel and most definitely an appetite.  (Note to self: must try the "Piggy Patties with Wasabi Mayonnaise & Apple Salad.

Save the Children is very proud to introduce celebrity chef Marion Grasby as a Save the Children Ambassador.  Growing up in Papua New Guinea, Marion witnessed first-hand the huge difference in the lives of children there compared to Australia. As a result she understands that some children, at home and overseas, need a helping a hand and is proud to partner with Save the Children.

FREE oven mitt with every book purchased.